Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just Playing Around!

You might think all we did at Dad and Mom's was "play around!" Think again!!

We did some serious work!
(Does this look somewhat familiar? ha!)
Yep! Another birdbath.
It wasn't revealed until after I left, so I'm waiting for a photograph.
When it arrives, I'll post it here!

We celebrated Dad's birthday along with an aunt's birthday at a tea house in a neighboring town.
It was a great lunch, complete with piano accompaniment by a 94 year old grandmother of the owner. It was wonderful! :-)

Then, I went shopping at the Farm Store. ha. Actually, I found something I'd been looking for all summer, so we had to try it out!

Works beautifully, don't you think? :-)

And one last foray into their wonderful garden center/nursery!
This bug was pointed out...
if you don't know its name,
Bugguide will!
(It's a species of Cranefly.)
(and if you want to get "up close and personal," click on the photo)Of course, I couldn't limit my stop at the nursery to a peek at an insect!
Here's what's happily residing in my flower bed!

Rogersia "Chocolate Wings"
(out in the south 'woodland walk')

And this is Eupatorium Joe Pye Weed "Little Joe"
He's only supposed to be 3 - 4 feet tall.
He's flanked by "Starfighter" Asiatic Lily on your left,
"Pink Chablis" sedum on your right,
and Catmint in the background.

Have a great day! --- Shady G

Visiting Aunt MEA

On the way to stay with Dad and Mom for a few days at the end of August, I stopped off at Aunt MEA's house!
This is really her front door (at left). We're on the east side of the house, facing north towards the driveway. You can see a flower bed that hides my car. And my car hides another flower bed. :-) The photo at right is one of a collection of lilies on the south side of this stairway.
Now, I'll only orient you as to where you are in her yard. :-)
We're on the north side of the yard; the bed we could see from the front door.

There is a flowerbed the entire length of the yard on the west side. There used to be a humongous vegetable garden just on "this side" of this flower bed. This (photo on left) is only a small cluster of plants on the north end of this bed. The second photo shows the shady south side of this bed... a wonderful collection of hostas.

We are now on the north side of the house. This is Bloodroot (left) and ginger (right).

Here we are, at the north door (peeking easterly). This is the door that we always use to enter the house. From the steps, you walk north to the garage and driveway.

You might remember the
garden craft
I worked at so hard this summer!

Now Aunt MEA has one, too!

Here's a photo from an area newspaper. Aunt MEA was featured as an area gardener... and this is what the article said:

92-year-old most enjoys her daylilies

MEA takes two urns filled with her flowers to church every Sunday.

The 92-year-old has been raising flowers for many years and maintains flower beds all around her home.

"I started raising flowers in my late 20s," she said.

Inspired as a young woman by a neighbor man's wonderful flower gardens, she is a 51-year charter member of her local Federated Garden Club.

MEA most enjoys daylilies --- "they're pretty prolific," she said, but she loves all her flowers.

"I have lots of daffodils." Other favorites include her tulips, zinnias, phlox, 80 to 100 hostas and azaleas.

"I like to be outside," she said. "I spend a lot of time out there."

My mom is on the left and another aunt is in the center of the above photograph.

Way to go, Aunt MEA! :-)

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