Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Family Trip Around SE Iowa

Last night, the rest of the family arrived,
and we enjoyed a nice visit!

After breakfast this morning, we headed out for a little tour.

First we visited the new museum at Eldon, Iowa.
Eldon is where Grant Wood was inspired by
a small home with a Gothic window.
The rest is "history!" :-)

Are you sure these aren't the original models?

Or perhaps this is more realistic?

Okay... so where are the apron, overalls and pitch fork?

The official plaque.
A great family photograph!
Next, we visited Lengacher's Greenhouse near Lebanon.
The hanging basket took all the extra room in the trunk,
so some of us held our plants on our laps! :-)The last stop before returning to our house was to the Dutchman's Store
in Cantril, Iowa. This is a Mennonite grocery/quilt/variety store.
I'm sure if you can't find what you want there,
it hasn't been created!

We ended up at our own homes this afternoon...
I planted my flowers, already!

Another nice day.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Trip to Marion - May 21 & 22, 2008

On Wednesday, I drove to Marion to visit family! These first photos are of my niece's backyard garden. She's definitely inherited the family "green thumb!" :-)

I noticed several bags of mulch... we can see the path is being
rejuvenated this Spring.M started these columbine from her mom's seeds!

Dicentra spectabilis - Gold Heart Bleeding Heart
I would Love to have one of these!
K at gymnastics class

Before bedtime, Wednesday night:

Thursday morning:
K got to ride her bike to school today, accompanied by mom.
B on their swingset.

After breakfast, B and I left for a bit of shopping in Iowa City.
We also visited a friend of mine in U of I hospitals.
Then we headed for Fairfield!

More about this family trip tomorrow. :-)

Friday, May 2, 2008

One More Walk at Susie's Farm

Mr. McGregor's Daughter just provided an ID for this plant.
It's the "dreaded Garlic Mustard."
(I still love this close-up view.)
And we'll have to attack it before it spreads!
It's highly invasive and is quite a threat.
(I like this photo, too.)
Some photos for your enjoyment... At left, a Buttercup. Below, a Spring Beauty.

Woodland phlox and a four-leafed trillium!

Not sure what this first one is... nor this second one!

Have to look this one up, too. Check out the egg. It was lying on the path!

Great fungus. Now, here's the aftermath of the Winter ice jam/flood!

We're all the way up on the bank. I know it's hard to see, but the water flowed over both sides of the bank and left debris all over where we were walking. You can see some on the grass in front of us.We saw the cutest little bird. Of course my 3x zoom doesn't bring anything into focus that's very far away. But, I must look it up. It had a bright yellow spot on its back, above its tail. Two of them were flying around the water. No swooping, gliding for this little bird. Its flutter was rather awkward in comparison to swallows.

Another great walk! You can tell things are "greening up!"

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