Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Family Activities

Living out the saying:
"Christmas is for the Birds..." only in the strictest sense!
Here we are (L and "me"), mixing birdseed.
We're standing on a stepladder, filling the birdfeeder with our mix.
The birds will be happy... in the morning!
Speaking of feeding the birds... we're all in the act! Even the two year olds!
M holds a finished project: A tongue depressor coated with thinned peanut butter and dipped in bird seed mix.
The next step is to hang them outdoors.We're almost ready to head outdoors! :-)
The process of hanging them. Daughter C with niece I.Are we done, yet? Son-in-law K with daughter A)

Ta-dah!The birds are enjoying our treat again today. Perhaps you'll see a couple if you click on the snowy picture.
The T girls with Grandpa and Dad "on the farm."
Girls and Grandpa
Grandpa's collection of deer antlers."Size chart."

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Making of Christmas Memories

Some little friends of mine (and a mom) were here on Thursday, Dec. 20. I'd made a batch of sugar cookie dough. We "each" rolled some dough and cut out one large cookie and one star. Here are pictures of the cookie painting. Egg yolk paint is made with an egg yolk (in this case, we used two). Dividing the yolk between dishes, put 4 - 5 drops of food coloring in each dish and mix well). Use small paint brushes to paint the cookies before baking.

I'm sorry we didn't get an "after photo." They turned out great, though!

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