Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Family Activities

Living out the saying:
"Christmas is for the Birds..." only in the strictest sense!
Here we are (L and "me"), mixing birdseed.
We're standing on a stepladder, filling the birdfeeder with our mix.
The birds will be happy... in the morning!
Speaking of feeding the birds... we're all in the act! Even the two year olds!
M holds a finished project: A tongue depressor coated with thinned peanut butter and dipped in bird seed mix.
The next step is to hang them outdoors.We're almost ready to head outdoors! :-)
The process of hanging them. Daughter C with niece I.Are we done, yet? Son-in-law K with daughter A)

Ta-dah!The birds are enjoying our treat again today. Perhaps you'll see a couple if you click on the snowy picture.
The T girls with Grandpa and Dad "on the farm."
Girls and Grandpa
Grandpa's collection of deer antlers."Size chart."

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Jeff said...

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