Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Family Trip Around SE Iowa

Last night, the rest of the family arrived,
and we enjoyed a nice visit!

After breakfast this morning, we headed out for a little tour.

First we visited the new museum at Eldon, Iowa.
Eldon is where Grant Wood was inspired by
a small home with a Gothic window.
The rest is "history!" :-)

Are you sure these aren't the original models?

Or perhaps this is more realistic?

Okay... so where are the apron, overalls and pitch fork?

The official plaque.
A great family photograph!
Next, we visited Lengacher's Greenhouse near Lebanon.
The hanging basket took all the extra room in the trunk,
so some of us held our plants on our laps! :-)The last stop before returning to our house was to the Dutchman's Store
in Cantril, Iowa. This is a Mennonite grocery/quilt/variety store.
I'm sure if you can't find what you want there,
it hasn't been created!

We ended up at our own homes this afternoon...
I planted my flowers, already!

Another nice day.


Anonymous said...

Nice trip - looks like that greenhouse had some irresistible plants!

Shady Gardener said...

That particular greenhouse is fun to visit. The entire family seems to help out with the business.

Asha said...

Well written article.

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