Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sunday afternoon, October 7, 2007

After leaving Sandhill Crane Wildlife Area, we drove northeast towards Wisconsin Rapids. As we we drove, I noticed in the Wisconsin tourism booklet that the Annual Pumpkin Festival was taking place in Nekoosa. We decided to check it out on our way through town!
One of the first things we saw was this collection of pumpkin carvings:

Then we spotted this row of entrants for the largest pumpkin.
The one in the foreground weighed 612 pounds!

Next, we noticed a signboard listing the day's activities. The last activity started at 1:00 p.m. (It was now 1:45 p.m.) It was listed as the Pumpkin River Race. This is when we noticed the river alongside the park. We walked towards a group of people near the river's edge. They indicated that the contestants had not yet reached them, so we walked further towards the beginning of the race. Periodically we visited with a few people and finally found a place to "park." It was only a matter of minutes before we saw the first couple of boaters headed our way.
(You might want to click on photographs for detail!) Yes, they were inside
huge pumpkin shells!

And they were paddling with canoe oars, kayak
oars, and... snow shovels! Somehow the snow shovel users were not at the head of the race. Someone near us wondered about putting the shovel on each end of the "pole." Hmmm... worth consideration??

Want to try?

And, I don't know What was going on with the fellow in the green squash sporting the white flag! We thought perhaps he'd carved all the way through and was paddling with his feet. (This theory wasn't proving advantageous however as he wasn't in the lead!)

A little later, we found
ourselves at the place where the race had begun.
We decided someone would certainly be back... collecting "pumpkin litter." Those are probably very valuable seeds!

As for the left over "boats," they might be a valuable addition to someone's compost pile! :-)

This was a fun event. I'm glad we stopped, but...
... all this talk about pumpkin left me hungry for pumpkin pie! And there was only one to be found! Oh well, maybe next time. :-)

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