Monday, June 9, 2008

Mississippi Relief Trip

June 9, 2008

Getting ready to head out for our first day's work!

Team B's house:
Denny needs a new apron! Marty and Joan paint en plein air and

Jim's en plein air plane saw! Ta da! A little "Vanna-tude"

Team A's house
Things are looking up from the very beginning! ;-)

How else would you get sheetrock up there? Larry, Don and Homeowner John

Joyce drills Janet scrapes "cottage cheese"

Larry and Don replace windows Kathy hugs a tree

About 3:30, one's mind turned towards the Big Question:
"What do you think we'll have for dinner?"
Check out Monday's meal! Yum!

After dinner, devotions and sharing how we witnessed God in action, everyone made their way to the "lunch kitchen" to prepare a sack lunch for the next day.


Anonymous said...

"Looking up," indeed! That ceiling project appears to be quite a task... but supper sure looks delicious!

Shady Gardener said...

Deb, You wouldn't believe how GOOD the food was and how wonderfully we were treated. I hope others continue to travel to help out... and perhaps we'll make another trip.

There's a lot of weather-related disaster here in Iowa this Spring. Hopefully we can attempt to help someone here, too!

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