Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day One - Hike One - Usery Mountains

Just for the record, the fellows led the way.
Not because we females were necessarily slow hikers,
but I was the one with the camera!! ;-)

I think this is a cholla

Another cholla

As close as I could get to the blossoms. :-)

One Ocatillo was readying to lose its leaves.


Teddy Bear Cholla

Another Cholla?

Barrel Cactus


I haven't yet finished identifying everything...

This is a mini-tour of our morning's hike. It was a beautiful sunny, balmy day! Not only were our friends were very generous with opening their home, but they were also very generous with their time! We are grateful for their guidance. :-) SG


bobbie said...

Cactus flowers just amaze me. They don't seem to belong there, but they are so lovely.

joey said...

Love hikes ... how fun ... Happy Easter!

Sande said...

Very nice! The flowers are beautiful, as are the cacti and the scenery.

Shady Gardener said...

Bobbi, You are absolutely right! They just take your breath away!!

Joey, We were able to take several hikes... one of my favorite activities! It was a great get-away. Easter blessings to you.

Sande, Thanks for visiting. We had a great time! :-)

Phoenix C. said...

That looks like a great hike! I've done plenty of nice hikes, but never one where there are cacti along the way - it must be amazing! Thanks for sharing.

chris said...

In the midst of such an arid climate, I love seeing these succulent cacti. Beauty can be found in everything. Happy Easter!

Shady Gardener said...

Phoenix, Yes it was great. I have more photos of a couple of other hikes, etc. It was amazing. It was fun to almost recognize something that you have "back home" and discover that it's not at all the same. ha.

chris, Thanks for visiting. In this created world, it is a priceless experience - finding beauty all around you.

catmint said...

Hi SG, Wonderful to see your holiday pics - we obviously have similar taste, like going to out of the way uncrowded places - I love deserts and hope now one day to see Arizona. No cacti in Australian deserts - and the sand and rocks are red. Thanks for the visit and comment on my holiday post. Cheers, catmint

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