Monday, December 7, 2009

You Would Have Enjoyed This, Too!

A good friend of mine and I enjoyed an elegant evening last night!
We attended the Christmas High Tea,
at Village Cups and Cakes in Keosauqua.

Each table was decorated by a person of the community.
Each table was unique and ranged from elegant china to collector dishes.

This is our table... before the meal arrived.
I spent a little time with my camera...
looking for "special effects!"

Isn't this pretty?

How about this?

Our main course included a variety of entrees.
Each was delicious... and I cannot begin to tell you what they were.

You might recognize cucumber sandwiches on the right and
a spinach tart on the left.
The desserts were decadent!

Neither of us could finish either plate... but Oh!
We enjoyed trying!


Here are a couple of quick photos of three of the tables near us... (their aftermath).

Here are our high school carollers, singing acapella.

What a delightful way to begin readying for Christmas!


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