Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Went Home Last Week . . .

. . . to visit my parents and whatever family I was privileged to see!

This is Dad, Aunt MEA, Mom
Aunt M and Uncle S
Dad and Aunt M were celebrating their birthdays this month...
and I timed my visit perfectly! I got in on the celebration!!

Dad and Mom's Backyard Garden

Dad's side - looking towards Mom's

Mom's side

The trellises on either side of the gardens are Dad's. He loves his climbing roses... which have been affected by this year's rainy Spring weather, I think. They normally are covering the trellises by now... and would be in full bloom!

Visiting my Aunt MEA's garden on the way home!

'Betty Boop'

What is this? I took a "close-up" photo for detail, but it's a grassy plant of some sort.

More to come... :-)


Rosey said...

Oh wow! Those are some well tended gardens. I can see where you inherited your green thumb!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Rosey! Thanks for your visit here! :-)

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