Monday, November 19, 2007

Making Warm Memories of Wisconsin

I could get pretty silly about commenting on the above title and/or subject below... so I won't. However, this is the result of spending a couple of hours or so in the kitchen with the cookbook we purchased in Wisconsin!

First, a photo of the whole kit 'n kaboodle!

Second, a photo of a pumpkin cranberry muffin.

Third, a photo of a yogurt oatmeal cranberry muffin.
Fourth, a photo of pumpkin cranberry nut breads.
And last, most of the aftermath!
All in anticipation of Thanksgiving! :-)


chris said...

I can attest to how yummy the muffins were, especially when not feeling well and baked and delivered by a precious neighbor...thank you, Kathy.
Kathy gave us a loaf of the cranberry nut bread at Thanksgiving. I honestly did not get a taste. We had 9 adults and 2 young children who managed to devour the bread before it made it's way to our table. It must have been great to be so enjoyed by both adults and toddlers!

Shady Gardener said...

Was that a hint for another loaf?? ;-) (I actually do have another few in the freezer!)

You are always very generous, too.

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